Friday, April 13, 2012

Ride the wave vs. Don't get cocky, part II

The second time Instapundit picked up a post of mine, it was "Don't get Cocky" vs. "Ride the wave" in the summer of 2010.
Rich Lowry's column this week goes to that theme.
The wave - Hilary Rosen's bumble.
Lowry goes the "Don't get cocky" route - it's the economy that really matters in 2012.
The Rosen business is such fun. And it's not the main story, just a sidelight.
Like cheerleaders at a college football game. It's a nice diversion on the way to pummeling your opponent on the field.
The Mama Grizzlies are fired up and ready to go. If you're not sure about Mitt Romney, you are sure you want to beat President Obama and the Democrats in November. Beat them bad.
This wave will go away.
We'll look for the next wave.
And keep pounding the economy between the swells.
UPDATE: Thanks for the Instalanche, Professor.

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