Sunday, November 6, 2011

They say this, and we hear that

Instapundit has a column on the ways the Occupy movement will help the Tea Party.
Because demanding more government money didn't work for those camping in the parks.
More troubling still for the Obama Administration is that the rhetoric of the tax increase's supporters sounded much like that coming from the Obama camp -- lots of talk about "investments" and lots of pictures of children. But taxpayers didn't buy it.
Why not? Perhaps because the past couple of years have demonstrated, in a fashion hard to miss, that no matter what politicians promise, new government spending seems, somehow, to wind up in the pockets of politicians' cronies.
So when "new revenues" are sold as "investments in the community," voters hear instead "taking my money to give it to your buddies and buy votes." Not surprisingly, this doesn't sell.

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