Monday, November 28, 2011

Explain, poor Cain, the pain must be contained

Checking Legal Insurrection this morning, I had good thoughts about Herman Cain - four weeks and really nothing solid about harassment.
Then I saw the headline on the TV this evening - a woman claims an affair with Cain.
Nothing found by Cain - or any reporter.
People who knew the woman called the media - and she felt she had to talk.
What to think? Another little thing being made big, or the final straw to end the Cain campaign.
There ought to be some kind of trace we can find - hotel records, phone records, plane records. Something in the public record of Cain's travels to provide support for her claims - or destroy them.
If there's something there, it's time to tell Cain "thanks for the ideas and energy. But this won't beat Barack Obama."
If there's nothing there, we need more information.
Why come out now?
Just because Cain's finally big enough that these kind of stories make a difference?
Cain can't talk about anything that might be fishy, but he needs to explain more.
It's not all women in financial trouble.
Although in this economy, one thing Obama is growing is people in financial trouble.
For Cain, the rest of us have enjoyed his rise. But time is short, and we need to focus on beating Barack Obama.

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