Thursday, November 3, 2011

Campaign vs. presidency

During the 2008 campaign, Republicans looked at President Obama's meager resume and wondered how he would do as president.
Not to worry, Democrats said. Look at the campaign he's run, and he'll do well as president.
We see how well that's working so far.
Herman Cain's campaign has been blasted for how he's handling these allegations.
The world is much more messy than a campaign. There's unknowns and unknown unknowns.
A campaign is basically easy, if you take advantage of the flaws of your opponents. Obama could do that with Hillary Clinton and John McCain, but the rest of the world learned their lessons.
Whether it's true sexual harassment or just the imagination of a whiner, we'll hear soon enough.
Cain has a long record of strong work in changing environments. Which is more like the real world than a campaign.

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