Tuesday, November 15, 2011


We had trouble with the internet at home today.
Computers could see the wireless router, but no internet access.
Tried the troubleshooting on the computer.
Took a computer next to the modem, and directly plugged the network cable from there to the computer.
Called computer support, and tried to have them see the MAC address of the modem to reset it.
No luck.
Swapped in a spare modem.
Asked a friend, followed his advice.
Still nothing.
Back to computer support, and again nothing. They wanted to set up an appointment to check the wiring, to see why nothing was working.
Then he threw out a word.
That could be the problem. Connect the cable wire to the modem directly, instead of through the splitter.
It's alive.
I'm alive.
A little piece of equipment provided so much trouble today.

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