Monday, November 28, 2011

Taxed Enough Already? We've got our reasons

Via Instapundit, Victor Davis Hanson lists 12 reasons why it's good to protest higher taxes.
And provides a great closing statement.
The above is not a bold plea not to pay taxes, but a feeble rear-guard action to remind some why 50% of an income paid in assorted taxes is enough — and why more is not just unnecessary, but will more likely make things far worse. Had Obama been, even for a year, an electrical contractor or Starbucks manager rather than spent a lifetime in academia, community organizing, or comfortably employed by some sort of government, he would have had a different view of taxes and expenses. I might suggest from experience that I knew a lot of independent farmers who could have done graduate work at a Stanford or UC, but not too many Stanford Ph.Ds who could have run and survived on a 400-acre operation of cotton, almonds, and citrus.

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