Monday, November 14, 2011

The drain on Cain may make his campaign wane

Herman Cain stopped by the Journal Sentinel in Milwaukee today. Now everybody knows.
Is this it?
Or just another stumble on the primary road?
"Mr. 57 states" said some silly things in 2008, but he's president. Maybe it's not a good example.
In the post about this Michelle Malkin calls the paper "Sentinel Journal." Should that be a knock against her?
Those who don't like Cain or aren't sure about him won't be happy with the performance.
Cain can blame it on fatigue, selective editing or some other problem. People who like Cain came to like him for what he said. But stumbles make it easier to jump off the Cain Train then jump on.
It's a long campaign season. But after votes start being cast, some people won't last much longer.

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