Monday, November 7, 2011

Michael might be one lucky Ladd

In my district's election for county supervisor, independent Kurt Michael is running against Republican Jeff Moore.
Michael has the endorsements of the two local newspapers. Moore's time on the school board means he has unhappy parents from Ladd Elementary, which appears likely to be closed in the next few years.
That decision means some voters aren't very happy with Moore. Like this Facebook friend.
Hey, Augusta County friends, be sure to go vote tomorrow... and ask yourself how happy you are with your school board. PS - Jeff Moore is running for county supervisor... the same guy who wants to shut down Ladd without figuring out renovation costs. Do you want someone in charge of the county who won't think about all the issues before making up his mind???
Ladd's located on the edge of Waynesboro, near thriving big box stores and more traffic than it had 10 years ago. It's a logical candidate to be closed - being in a business district instead of a neighborhood.
But it might mean trouble for Moore's chances to move to the board of supervisors.

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