Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fine Mothers Join Roundup Algorithm

Happy Mothers Day. Time to celebrate our great mothers, along with grandmothers and all the women who have made our lives possible.
What about blog mothers? This blog started with the help of SWACgirl in Augusta County.
Looking for some more bloggers who are mothers? You can't go wrong by visiting the Potluck group blog.
Pat has a Mother's Day roundup and the flowers to prove it.
Pundette offers a great supply of links, and knows crap when she sees it.
Political Junkie Mom is in the midst of a move.
Obi's Sister likes the Lego's Star Wars video.
Fuzzy Logic checks in on the British elections.
Carol's Closet looks at holidays around the world.
Carol at No Sheeples is fixing up the house. And I think ewe will like her roundup.
Ruby Slippers had remorse before the buyers began showing remorse.
Retriever thinks about marriage proposals.
Bread upon the Waters has a classic picture.
Backyard Conservative salutes moms who like tea.
Shout First, Ask Questions Later links to a story about a dam problem.
Nice Deb salutes a nice honor.
Coffee Milk Conservative has a scary picture.
Chocolate on your Brain has good news from the home.
Adrienne has been dealing with a cranky computer.
Moving on to the guy's side, the Other McCain has six kids. That's keeping the mother of his children very busy. So Smitty's got the roundup covered.
Wyblog has the good news from New Jersey.
Grandpa John swings for the fences.
The Camp of the Saints reaches its second birthday.
Troglopundit offers news you can use.
Don Surber surpassed a million visits for 2010.
Dustbury is thinking NASCAR.
Mind Numbed Robot is having a blast.
Carl knows a hot shot when he sees one.
The Classic Liberal would be happy if you talk nerdy.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Think about breakfast and say a prayer.