Saturday, May 22, 2010

Beaten up by the grumpy old troll?

I didn't know someone had made a poster of Dora the Explorer as an illegal alien, busted for trying to get into Arizona.
I remember the first episodes of Dora in 1999, when my oldest watched mostly Nick Jr.
Dora is always on the lookout for Swiper the Fox. Maybe swiper swiped her papers.
Remember to yell, "Swiper no swiping." That would solve the problem.
In one episode, we met a Grumpy Old Troll who was guarding a bridge. I guess that's supposed to be the border guards.
But she successfully answered the troll's riddle to cross the bridge. She didn't run through the desert to avoid him.
This fight over the Arizona law is going beyond silly. They just want to enforce current law and be safe.
Thanks for throwing all the accusations of racism at supporters of the law. Is that all you got?

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