Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fishersville Mike's Jovial Redneck Abuse

Happy Memorial Day weekend. In the spirit of the season, I've headed to the beach. The water may still be cool, but hey, it's the beach.
So it's a short roundup this week. Enjoy the sunshine, since the internet will be there when it's rainy and cold.
It's always hot around the Other McCain.
Camp of the Saints has important swimsuit advice for the ladies.
DaTech Guy has had a big week in Georgia.
Troglopundit takes aim at some important stats.
Wyblog finds time for a quick roundup.
Pundette has all the links.
Carol remembers the reason for the weekend.
Mind Numbed Robot offers the Robo-Love.
Virginia Right's News Hound rarely takes a holiday.
School's out for Pat. Those are dirty words for a stay-at-home dad.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Be a bright light, remember our troops and think about your choices.

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