Monday, May 24, 2010

School night at the pizza place

Staunton has a Cici's Pizza, and every Monday through Thursday a local school has their night to how many of their students show up. This year, the fourth Monday of the month was our school's night.
We began going when the oldest was in first grade, and he's now finishing seventh. The youngest is in the third grade, so two more years and we'll be out of elementary school age. Will that end our Cici's tradition?
When we started going to Cici's night, several of the oldest boy's friends were there. It was a good gathering time. We've kept up the tradition, and now I see parents of first graders and kindergarteners beginning their time at Cici's night. Meeting up with their friends.
Good times together that will be remembered when the kids are grown.


Valley Resident said...

Is the pizza there any good? I've heard a few negative comments so far. There are too many good pizza places in the area to choose something bad instead, but I might give this place look with a recommendation.

Mike said...

The kids enjoy the pizza. It's all you can eat. And there's an arcade in back.
It's a great place for those with elementary age kids.