Monday, May 24, 2010

Maybe they've seen the results of his leadership

Blue Virginia has a post up imploring President Obama to show leadership on clean energy/climate change/global warming/don't question us - just do what we say.
President Obama must take charge of clean energy and climate legislation. The only major bills that pass through Congress are the ones with White House support. We are fortunate that President Obama backs climate action, but given this anti-incumbent mood, we need him not just to support it; we need him to lead it.
What would that look like? We saw it in the heath care debate. President Obama went into campaign mode and stumped on that bill every single day. He called in political chits. He got people in the same room to negotiate. He dragged it over the finish line because he went farther than asking for change. He demanded it.
That is what we need him to do for a clean energy and climate bill. Because let's be frank: either we see some leadership or we call it a day.

Can you lead if no one wants to follow? Rasmussen Reports has a new high in respondents wanting to overturn the health care bill.
Maybe we've seen the results of President Obama's leadership - everybody hates what he does. Thus, if President Obama is for this clean energy bill, then lots of people are against it.

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