Sunday, May 23, 2010

Djou you think they can pull their act together?

I love conventional wisdom. Especially about our newest Congressman from Hawaii, Charles Djou.
He won with 39 percent of the vote, since two Democrats couldn't agree which one should be the one Democrats supported.
The conventional wisdom is Djou will lose in November to a unified Democratic ticket.
But if the Democrats were divided in May, how do we know they'll be unified in November? Obviously, they thought it didn't matter running two Democrats in a heavily Democratic district. It did. They split the vote just enough to let Djou head to Washington.
For the past month or two, it's been apparent that Djou had a chance to win. Still the Democrats didn't settle their differences, and kept two candidates running into a wall.
Maybe the Democrats have learned their lesson. Putting their support behind one candidate will carry the day in November.
But many Democratic assumptions of November survival include Republicans splitting their votes between tea party and establishment candidates. How come Republicans will divide their votes come November but the Hawaii Democrats will settle their differences?

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