Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Time to ban kudzu

The News Leader carries a story today about the ozone production of kudzu, the curse of the south.
"We found that this chemical reaction caused by kudzu leads to about a 50 percent increase in the number of days each year in which ozone levels exceed what the Environmental Protection Agency deems as unhealthy," said study co-author Manuel Lerdau, a University of Virginia professor of environmental sciences and biology. "This increase in ozone completely overcomes the reductions in ozone realized from automobile pollution control legislation."
It's not the cars, it's the kudzu.
We have to drive to the country to dig it up.
Use power tools to pull it from the country. Big plows.
Burn it. Maybe with a flamethrower.
All of that will be better for the environment than kudzu.

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Bob K. said...

From the Memory Division

Kudzu, you may recall, was widely planted to stabilize road cuts by the government!!!

Does that teach us anything?