Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Two Sarah Palins

The Other McCain links a story about Democrats trying to throw Sarah Palin into the Massachusetts special election.
Towards the end of the Virginia gubernatorial election, Palin's name was thrown into the race -would her support help or hurt Bob McDonnell? He becomes governor on Saturday, so I gather the splitting didn't work.
What to do with Democrats trying to use Palin to harm Republicans? How about this -
It appears there are two Sarah Palins - one in the real world, and one in the mind of political operatives. I live in the real world, and I appreciate the support of the real Sarah Palin.
They want to divide, we can divide also. Are you going to tell voters they don't live in the real world?
View of Palin diverge so much, it's almost like there are two Palins. If the political world doesn't understand Palin and her appeal, then it's their loss.
btw, thanks for the link Texas4Palin.

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