Tuesday, January 3, 2012

His fantastic four?

On the day of the 2012 Iowa caucus, President Obama's team wants you to remember 2008.
It's pretty incredible to see candidate Obama talk about what President Obama ultimately did. He makes four specific promises -- on reforming health care, making college more affordable, ending the war in Iraq, and putting us on the path to energy independence -- all of which today, four years later, are promises kept.
What's the reality about Obama's fantastic four?
  1. Health care reform? The Supreme Court has something to say about that in a few months.
  2. College more affordable? As your local Occupy Wall Street protester.
  3. Ending the war in Iraq? Thanks, George W. Bush, for the surge.
  4. Path to energy independence? Solyndra
Keep thinking you're doing great stuff, Obama team. Lots of people without jobs have more time on their hands to examine the record.

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