Thursday, January 12, 2012

Don't let Romney be Romney

If we're entering the inevitability part of the Republican primaries - looks like it's going to be Romney - what do conservatives have to look forward to?
After four years of "Barack's going to make you change, whether you like it or not," maybe it's not a bad idea to have "I agree with what 51 percent agree to" in the Oval Office.
With Romney, there's hope the flip-flops can be flipped your way - especially with Tea Party support in the House and Senate.
Don't like a Romney position?
Get 51 percent of the population on your side and he'll change his mind.
If you're part of the 49 percent, get your two percent from the other side and Romney will follow.
Don't let Romney be the bad Romney of the past. He can be a good Romney in the future.
We just have to show him the way.

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