Friday, January 20, 2012

C'mon Marianne

The interview with Newt Gingrich's second wife brought to mind this song, and produced this parody.

Whoa-ho-ho here I am on the stage again
I think I have a chance to be Mr. Right
Now I understand, an interview's your plan, c'mon Marianne

No matter the media say, it didn't happen that way
They want to hear you speak just to knock me down
Now you understand, a hit's their plan

C'mon Marianne, c'mon Marianne
C'mon Marianne, can't you please understand?
No Marianne, Marianne, Marianne, Marianne

Well now the big media are all full of it
All the bitterness saving Obama's rear.
Now I speak my piece, leave John King for dead

C'mon Marianne, c'mon Marianne
C'mon Marianne, I know that you understand
My Marianne
C'mon Marianne, c'mon Marianne
Marianne, Marianne, Marianne, Marianne


A video of the inspiration

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