Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's Idol time

The new season of American Idol began Wednesday with the usually audition show stuff - big crowds, hopeful kids and some lousy singers.
The Atlantic will be there all year. Even though it's not as cool as it once was.
Idol need not fear The Voice, which will be competing against it on NBC this season. Nor needed it have feared Simon Cowell's unpleasant autumn endeavor The X Factor. Because, ultimately, why would we continue to smoke the cheap stuff when the premium grade — the original, the non-gimmicky, the pure white product — is right there, waiting for us with its sparkly January smile? That come hither glint that says "Hey, pull up a chair, we've missed you so much." And we can't help but respond, despite knowing we should know better, after all these years, "Hey. I've missed you too."

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