Thursday, September 22, 2011

Democrats' last gasp

Rush had lots to say about Elizabeth Warren's Democratic rant Thursday.
Warren focuses on what government does that provide the foundation for success.
And not the parts of government where the foundation is cracking.
Government schools educate your employees - and fail many of our kids.
Government protects our interest - but in same areas, you still need your own security to feel safe.
Some succeed thanks to government help.
Some struggle due to government meddling.
Progressives wish Democrats would push their line harder.
Why don't they?
It doesn't really work.
It hasn't worked since President Obama took over.
It won't be working for years to come - it's math.
Past governments promised more than future taxpayers can pay.
You can't talk about the goodies you'll give when you've given away the store already.
And using guilt won't get politicians enough to make more promises.

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