Monday, September 5, 2011

Think different please, Obama

While channel surfing Monday morning, I found Turner Classic Movies showing some silent movies - from almost 100 years ago.
It was cool to see "A Trip to the Moon" from 1898. They followed with "Conquest of the Pole" from 1912.
Less than a decade after the Wright Brothers' first flight, they featured an airplane to get the men on their way.
How do you carry six men to the North Pole? It looks like they took a old west stagecoach and attached wings, a motor and long tail for the flight.
How well does it work to create new technology by adding new things to your old staples?
That's pretty much Obama's economic plan. This worked some in the past - labor unions and big government - and trying to attach new items to that won't get off the ground.
New technology takes new thinking.
New ways to do things for a new era.
Sorry, buggy whip guys, but we won't be needing your services as much.
Look at the new technology and fit yourself into that, not force the old technology into your way of doing things.
Want to revive Detroit? You'd be better off turning it over to Wal-Mart than using the old labor things that have failed in recent years.
Please see what has produced the recent failures, and recent successes.
It's a new day. You're not going to the North Pole in a stagecoach.
Even if the stagecoach got you places in the past.

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