Saturday, September 10, 2011

Chick-fil-A breakfast vs. Obama

I just enjoyed my free breakfast item at Chick-fil-A. And the promotion got me thinking.
They offered a free breakfast item for the week, but you had to reserve a spot.
Chick-fil-A couldn't offer free items without preparation. You can't have 1000 people showing up for a free sausage biscuit when you only have 500 in stock. That would be a disaster instead of helping the company.
They needed to plan the website and promotion.
They needed to make sure they had enough breakfast supplies on hand.
They needed the proper staffing for a good promotion - one where people leave feeling better about Chick-fil-A.
Now look at President Obama's jobs speech.
Where's the preparation?
Pass the bill.
You gave a speech. More specifics, please.
Pass the bill.
That didn't work well for you last time, did it?
Pass the bill.
What are the spending reductions to offset this plan?
Pass the bill.
If the point behind the jobs speech to make you feel better about President Obama, or worse about Republicans?
If it's to make you feel better about Obama, you plan better.
You put things in writing, to show seriousness.
If the plan is to make Republicans look bad, no real planning.
Just slogans.
Hoping to deflect blame from the lack of preparation.
I enjoyed Chick-fil-A and will go back.
I'm hoping with all my might that there's no going back to President Obama in November 2012.

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