Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Today's Tied with me

Are you paying off your credit card bill each month?
This blogger plans to pay now, not continuing to play through 2033.
Holy Calendars Batman!!!! 22 years? Aye Carumba, that is an astounding time frame. So my estimation if we were making this same payment that the effective yearly rate is about 22% and I’d end up paying in total about 500% of the initial amount on the credit line once all payments are made, pretty cool eh?
This is atrocious, and makes me wonder how folks can do this? I have a line of credit that charges me currently 4% interest and if I was a bad bank customer I guess they might charge me 8%, but the Credit Card company can charge 22% (or so)? Wow, I guess I should start my own credit card company, if I want to get rich? Yes, I know that is unlikely or illegal or both.

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