Monday, September 12, 2011

Developing good websites

The city of Waynesboro is slated to vote on a city economic-development website project Monday.
One local website knows how to promote the area. And has a track record.
That website didn't get the bid.
It's all probably a waste anyway.
What attracts business to an area?
Free stuff (tax breaks et al.)
Good location.
And they need to be there.
Often, government economic development isn't about developing new things in your area.
It's about stealing somebody else's idea once it's ready to go.
Virginia can get companies to move to be near the federal government.
Waynesboro has I-81, I-64, Charlottesville and Shenandoah National Park nearby.
For five bucks you can probably develop a decent website to highlight those strengths.
Hopefully, this new economic development website will have an appropriate link to websites about local activities/interests to attract people to our area.
The link will showcase the work of a local who loves and knows the area. And should have gotten a better shot at this website.

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