Friday, June 3, 2011

News is what people are interested in

Tired of Anthony Weiner yet?
Does he owe you a weekend or something more?
The Other McCain looks back at the week that was - interesting to enough people to be news.
If people are interested in something, it will be written about.
Traffic seekers know what brings traffic.
Those with expertise in certain areas will share their expertise.
What else are we going to talk about this week? How to really save Medicare?
You've got to talk about something, and this week it's Weiner. As long as people are interested in the story, it will be news.

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Alicia Constant said...

I totally agree. And, can I recommend that you check out our news page:
I'm a reporter from WORLD Va and I found your blog from a link on my friend Willie's VA Social Conservative blog... I'm trying to spread the word about what we're doing in Virginia, and I encourage you to check us out and comment on our Facebook page as well!