Tuesday, June 7, 2011

More tax money for this

Sometimes, it's great fun to read Blue Virginia.
Today's there's a story of a protest about the Bush tax cuts. All that money down the drain instead of going to things liberals want to spend it on.
What's on the sidebar? A nice piece about the government at work. If that's what you call it.
The sad story of a guy trying to get refunds on his state income contributions in 2010 in D.C. Government does not give up money easily.
I already sent them a copy of my Virginia state tax return, as well as my W-2. Not good enough. She said "don't worry, just get that certified copy - to prove you filed - and we should issue your refund - in 7-10 business days! You can even fax it!!! Wow - good news! What's the fax number, Mateal?
Oh you have to phone back for that. I saw red. "Ummm I spent an hour on hold just to get you on the phone the first time, are you saying I have to phone you back, wait on hold for ANOTHER HOUR so you can give me the fax number?"
"Yes, for security reasons, because I don't have a fax machine on my desk."
Rules to slow you down and stretch out the process. If we paid more taxes, we could have even bigger government.
Liberal see tax cuts as money down the drain. What about the time and sanity they flush down the drain?

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