Sunday, June 5, 2011

Stewart viewers will never learn

SWACgirl noted the debunking of the rating battle between Jon Stewart and FOX news.
I followed the link, and a main focus is the Stewart audience is younger than the FOX news audience.
The thought goes, younger people will learn the glories of liberalism and maintain that view through their life.
That thought shows up in other political analysis as well. Republicans have to change their views to meet the growing Hispanic population, or else lose those votes.
Don't people change as they mature, and learn more about the world? It's cute to watch Stewart's snark, and laugh at what he laughs at.
But then, you learn more about the real world. You find yourself asleep at 11 p.m., getting ready for work the next day.
Stewart views will fade from view, like the old songs and sayings we used before we entered the working world.
If the average FOX news viewer is 65, that means they were 22 in 1968. Don't remember that being the era of the FOX news viewpoint.S

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