Saturday, June 4, 2011

End of a sporting era

The youngest had his final soccer games of the spring season Saturday. His team won two of three games in their bracket, but only one team advances to the final Sunday.
It might have been my last day as a soccer dad.
The oldest began playing soccer in the spring of 2004, and moved to being a referee this year. He'll still be involved in soccer next year, but it's different being the parent of a ref - you don't get to hang out with the other referee parents, and cheer on the others' kids for making good calls.
The youngest has played since kindergarten, but in the fourth grade other activities caught his interest. His school team won a Lego League competition, and there's math events looming in the new year. There might not be time for other events and soccer.
I spent 11 years as a local sportswriter, chronicling the students of my areas in their sporting pursuits. Watching other parents share the pride of the accomplishments of their children.
In thsi sporting era, I've enjoyed cheering on my kids and their friends, and using my professional photography skills to capture their action.
The boys are growing up fast. If it's on to a new era for us, then it's time to remember the good things and look forward to the coming adventures.

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