Thursday, June 30, 2011

We'll be important

Virginia missed out on most of the election fun in 2010.
Looks like 2012 will be better, especially if this report is true.
Obama’s strategists are raising the stakes in the two battleground upper South states, North Carolina and Virginia.
They’ve never been critical cogs in a presidential strategy. If Team Obama sees them as such in 2012, it suggests the campaign is struggling in states that were comfortably on its side in 2008, particularly those in the Rust Belt. 
What's the key for Obama in Virginia? The good job Governor Bob McDonnell is doing.
But if North Carolina looks like a challenge, Virginia looks within Obama’s grasp. Unemployment in the Old Dominion is far lower than most battleground states, and the growth of government jobs in the Washington, D.C., suburbs and a diversifying population play to the Democrats’ favor.
Virginia's low unemployment might help Obama. I still think he loses Virginia and 39 other states and any Republican - anyone at all - will be taking his place in 2013.

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