Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Revenge served with flaming shorts

Ace has a lengthy post on Weinergate, with an interesting historical note about how to deal with this type of scandal.
MSNBC placed an ad buy on my site in late 2006, before the elections. The ad was intended to be -- from the looks of it -- a rotating headlines ad, in which they'd update the headlines every few days.

They never updated it.
For three months, I had the Mark Foley story at the top of the column. Because that's the story MSNBC wanted on conservative websites.
I think this is why I yelled and bitched when not enough people on the right were, to my line of thinking, pushing the story hard enough. I thought maybe they were sort of looking at this in Prisoner's Dilemma terms and deciding that something like mutual restraint was the best strategy for both parties here.
The trouble is, the other side will never reciprocate in that strategy. Even if the Democratic B-Team honors it (the actual Democratic Party), the more important Democratic A-Team won't (the liberal media).
Who knew Mark Foley before his scandal erupted? Plenty of people knew Anthony Weiner before his shorts erupted.

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