Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dinosaur vs. dinosaur

I visited the Fishersville post office Thursday, and somethings were missing. All of the newspaper boxes.
No more News Leader. No more News Virginian. No more USA Today, Richmond Times Dispatch or Washington Post.
Only one of the free paper boxes were left. That had the note that the boxes needed to be removed by the end of April.
The post office was a convenient place to pick up Charlottesville's free papers - C'Ville and The Hook. I can still pick those up at the grocery stores. (Buy a daily paper? Ha!)
Interesting to see the post office sidewalk cleared of newspaper. Very barren. You'd think the traffic of people looking for papers would boost the post office.

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Lynn R. Mitchell said...

That's very interesting. Wonder what the reason was for doing away with the newspaper boxes? Perhaps it's a homeland security thing ... remove them to prevent bombs or something like that? There's a news story there for those newspapers who had their boxes removed....