Thursday, September 3, 2009

Macaca lacka

Is Bob McDonnell's thesis the "Macaca" of 2009? Several reasons it's not.
1. No video. In the TV age, enough said.
2. It's not cutting edge. In 2006, it was new for bloggers and video clips to spread something across the internet and make it a story. It's been done and the excitement about that angle is gone.
3. It's 20 years ago. The Washington Post had the story today on B-4. The headline mentions 1989 and the lead paragraph mentions 20-year-old thesis. The thesis is older than some voters in this year's election.
4. It's planned. "Macaca" came out of nowhere. I've been reading about the McDonnell-Robertson connection all year. It's just part of a theme Democrats have wanted to exploit in the gubernatorial battle.
5. Funeral brings focus. Republican saw their potential 2008 presidential candidate falter. This kind of talk should be part of all political consultants' planning.
If not, send me an email and I'll tell you where to send the check.

1 comment:

smitty1e said...

What about the hypocrisy of bringing up ANY academic point regarding a public figure EVER?

The opaqueness of the POTUS on these points kneecaps this line of attack.