Saturday, June 13, 2009

Has Obama held a yard sale?

Just finished our neighborhood's yearly yard sale. It's a great time to clean out the garage, and meet plenty of interesting people. We have a big neighborhood, so there's plenty of people selling and it attracts many carloads of shoppers.
It made me wonder if President Obama or Michelle had ever done a yard sale. I doubt it.
If they had, he wouldn't be focusing on building smaller cars at GM and Chrysler. Several people bought enough to fill their cars, and left my place with stuff on their laps.
They wished they had brought their bigger cars to take home what they bought.
People still had money to buy bargains. We had steady traffic for four hours.
The Obamas ought to visit a neighborhood yard sale. Maybe pick up something nice for their new homes. See how real people live.
Might even meet the next "Joe the Plumber."

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jill said...

I'd bet twenty bucks that Obama not only hasn't had a yard sale, he hasn't even been to one. Snaggletoothie doesn't think he's had much life experience and I don't either.