Thursday, August 2, 2012

Shut up and deal

Interesting to have Facebook friends of all political stripes. On the Chick-fil-A day crowds, many were very happy. A few were not.
At the poker table, losers say "Shut up and deal." On Facebook, they had to deal with pictures of packed restaurants.
What could they say?
It wasn't that big a deal - just a small percentage of the population went there.
Of course, in other stories, a small percentage of the population can make it a big media deal.
Should you defriend someone who went to Chick-fil-A and you don't approve? You'll be more shocked Election Day than you would need to be.
Chick-fil-A didn't ask for this battle.
They have believed what they believe today throughout the years.
They want to serve more people chicken sandwiches.
They want people to enjoy life as they enjoy it - as children of God.
Some aren't happy with their stand on marriage.
They are missing out on some good chicken.
While stewing in their own juices.

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