Thursday, August 30, 2012

Democratic doom and gloom

Blue Virginia has a nice post on canvassing for Democratic voters - and finding doom and gloom instead of more hope and change.
This passage shows the supposed vaunted Obama ground game may be more smoke and mirrors.
What surprised me was the number of people on the list who, when asked if they intended to vote for President Obama in November, said "No!", sometimes after admitting they had done so in '08. Just how was this list selected, I wondered, especially when, recognizing some of the names, I was pretty sure they were Republicans anyway.... Maybe in the past they split ticket, regularly voting Republican, but also supporting our local State Senator Chap Petersen, who is a moderate Democrat, and maybe that's how they got on the OFA list? Despite this glitch I did discover a fair percentage who were Obama supporters, or leaning Obama, but far too often they sounded resigned, more worried about Tea Party Republicanism than inspired by Obama.
Switching their vote from 2008.
Resigned about their support this time around.
Not the recipe for success.

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