Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Full of bigotry and ignorance

Slate highlights an article about the dangers to homosexuals of the views of Chick-fil-A's president and supporters.
The main thought from the author - y'all are too dumb to understand my research.
In my first book, The Belief Instinct, I explain how scientific studies are revealing how the human brain conjures up the subjective feeling of a morally concerned God that “communicates” his displeasure to us through natural disasters and other misfortunes.
In God's book, the Bible, he tells how Jesus came to earth, was crucified, killed and buried. Then He rose again.
Christians believe our Creator is involved in our lives. The author? Not so much.
God may seem real, but he is almost certainly all in our heads—a complex cognitive illusion melded by mindless evolutionary forces. At the very least, the chances of there being a God disproportionately focused on the sexual behaviors of one particular creature, a depilated primate, out of the billions of distinct species that have ever walked, flown, crawled, slithered or hopped upon his earth, is so minuscule that the idea requires a prodigious degree of egocentrism to entertain.
The author would do better to read C.S. Lewis.
Citing your own research as reasons to dump centuries of belief of millions and millions of people - there's the arrogance.

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