Thursday, August 16, 2012

Move in season

When my brother went off to college in 1983, he took my mom's Hamilton Beach toaster to his dorm room.
It never came back and mom has never let him forget - even as his son goes off to college this year.
Choices are quite a bit different for college students arriving at the dorm now.
Making it easy to over prepare.
Still, the size of the rooms has remained much the same. So as students' shopping lists get longer, they're arriving with more gear than rooms can hold.
Mr. Moody, the American University administrator, says he still sees families show up with U-Hauls on move-in day. After realizing that they can't possibly fit everything into the school's average 180-square-foot dorm room, the parents return home with the truck full of things that didn't make the cut.

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