Thursday, March 1, 2012

Vote for me, crazy people

Does Andy Schmookler have a chance of becoming my Congressman?
Slim to none, and slim just left town.
Especially with commentaries like this.
The Sixth District is the most conservative part of Virginia. The area where Jim Gilmore ran best in 2008.
You don't persuade those voters with words like this
The Limbaugh-Bush-Rove-Cheney version of the Republican Party was not crazy, but it was morally corrupt. It was willing to use lies to move their followers into a non-existent world where they'd be easier to manipulate. It consistently used those lies to appeal to the worst in their followers, to their fears and hatreds.
In other words, that non-loony but amoral Republican Party deliberately drove their followers crazy.
Crazy is a person thinking that kind of talk gives him any chance to win an election.
Earn the praise of fellow liberals, perhaps.
Not much else.

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