Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Baltimore's best

While Media Matters lists the "legion of chickens" in New York, Baltimore's station that carries Rush reports no local advertisers dropping out.
Bob Pettit, the station's general manager, said a few advertisers have postponed their buys. That's about it.
"We have had a number of calls and emails from a group of liberal activists in their attempt to silence the voice of conservative radio," he said. "Most of these people never listen to WCBM or Rush and it is clear to our Rush sponsors that they don’t represent the WCBM listener or their customers."Have you checked Media Matters' blacklist?
They list advertisers on WABC in New York, whether they advertise on Rush's show, between news breaks or just happen to be slotted during the show.
You'd think a national organization like Media Matters could have someone listening in Washington, and compare which ads are Rush's and which are the individual station's.
But then the number wouldn't seem that big.
Time to support the advertisers standing strong, and laugh at the "legion of chickens" that Media Matters generously lists.

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