Thursday, March 15, 2012

They've run out of suckers

Karl Rove looks at President Obama's poor fundraising so far.
At the end of January, Team Obama had $91.7 million in cash in its coffers and those of the DNC. At the same point in 2004, the Bush campaign and Republican National Committee had $122 million in cash combined.
The Obama campaign's high burn rate doesn't come from large television buys, phone banks or mail programs that could be immediately stopped. It appears to result instead from huge fixed costs for a big staff and higher-than-expected fund-raising outlays. These are much tougher to unwind or delay. Left unaltered, they generally lead to even more frantic efforts to both raise money and stop other spending.
But for $3, you can havea chance at dinner with him.
Next quarter, there may be only four $3 donors for the dinner offer.

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