Friday, March 30, 2012

Next for Keith Olbermann

If Current TV dumps you, where do you go?
3 a.m. cable access show somewhere.
Time to bring back his song, probably for the last time. Since Olbermann called Glenn Beck "Lonesome Rhodes" from some movie before I was born, here's the parody based on "I'm so lonesome I could cry." Because somewhere, Keith Olbermann is crying tonight.

Hear the popular talk show host
His fans come in sky high
My numbers took another blow
I'm so loathsome I could cry

I've never seen a crowd so big
They fill the mall, oh my
Hear Sarah Palin wow the crowd
I'll hide my face and cry

Did you ever see a grown man cry
When his hope begins to die?
That means nobody watches my show
I'm so loathsome I could cry

Can't silence this big radio star
Can't beat him though I try
And as I drop out of sight
I'm so loathsome I will cry

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