Monday, March 12, 2012

Dream on, Democrats

I love the silliness of Democrats over at Blue Virginia.
They think they can get a woman elected in 2013 as either lieutenant governor or attorney general.
Just because of the ultrasound bill.
First question -
Who's on the bench ready to take on a race for a statewide office?
It didn't work the last time they tried it.
Democrats ran a woman for Lt. Governor in 2009? How well did Jody do?
Democrats keep telling themselves the same story - "voters will find out what Republican really believe and they'll vote them out."
They talked about how radical Republicans were in 2009.
Result - a sweep of the top three statewide offices.
They talked about how radical Republicans were in 2011.
Result - Republicans reached 20 seats in the Senate and built their lead in the House.
Democrats have been beating the same themes for years. People didn't listen.
If the things Democrats thought mattered really mattered, Republicans wouldn't be doing so well in the state.
Other issues - like jobs and taxes - matter more to most Virginians.
They may not have the biggest voices, but their voice is big on Election Day.

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