Monday, February 6, 2012

Thanks for the suggestion

When Blue Virginia says a blog post is "just an ungodly mishmash/mess of untruths, red herrings, and dark conspiracy theories," I know I'll enjoy it.
He can't stand Bacon Rebellion's post on global warming, so time for a closer look.
Bacon is sizzling, in a good way.
There are multiple, nested layers to the Global Warming (GW) debate, and I am not at all convinced that they lead ineluctably to Trenberth’s position in support of massive government intervention in the economy. Indeed, I suspect that the only people who are persuaded by that chain of reasoning are predisposed to be suspicious of free markets and inclined to favor big government, especially when greater government control puts like-minded people at the helm.
It's a simple post.Why does the solution to global warming mean what supporters have always wanted to do - increase government power.
What if lowering taxes helped the environment?
Why not focus on bringing the third world up to our standards instead of halting progress in the developed world?
Sorry Blue Virginia can't understand it.
They just need to think different.

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