Saturday, February 4, 2012

Komen and Wisconsin

DaTech Guy has some good posts about the Komen kerfuffle.
They are both battles in the looming war between those who's gotten rich from political power and the budget shortfalls of the future.

Hey whiner, how long are we going to have to carry your lazy butt?

In the good years, government granted their employees salaries and benefits to match the day - not looking to the future when those bills had to be paid.
Now it's not so good, and we have to tighten our belts. Some groups that had plenty of money in the past will have to do without. We will have to prioritize.
Obviously, those who are being cut will whine.
But those paying the bills will have to weigh the whine against their mission.
Last week on Facebook, some of my friends posted the picture urging drug tests for those getting government benefits.
Why? Are they against the poor?
No, they are hard working people trying of being discriminated against. If you can't get a job without a drug test, it's discrimination against you if others get government money without being checked.
You have drug tests in occupations to make sure people and those they meet on the job are safe. Shouldn't we care that those getting government benefits are safe?
When money is limited, it comes with more strings attached.
A tighter budget means you must focus on the basics and put aside excess spending.
Whining may have seemed to work for Planned Parenthood now. But it can't go on forever.

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