Sunday, February 12, 2012

Liberals are just dumb

The New York Times stirs the pot today with - why do areas that get government spending support the party that's against government spending.
Blue Virginia has his answer - they are racist.
They hear dog whistle phrases.
They've been brainwashed by the rich.
Other such crap.
First of all, live is not all economic.
For many people, there's more to life than voting for the party that gives you more stuff.
In some areas, the people are led because they are fed. They vote Democratic.
Others see the government money not coming with goodies, but strings attached. To get money, you've got to do stuff the government way.
Liberals areas may provide more money than they get, but the government money gives them jobs that inflate their net worth - and self-worth.
Liberals think they're superior, but maybe - in providing so much money to the government - they aren't very bright.

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