Tuesday, February 21, 2012

At grade crossing?

One of the main bridges into downtown Charlottesville is crumbling.
So they held a design contest to suggest ideas for a replacement.
The winner?
No bridge at all - an at-grade crossing over the railroad tracks.
“Designs like [Belmont Unabridged] are looking forward and saying, ‘What are the needs of the community going to be in the next 100 years? Will we [have] 150 coal cars coming by holding up traffic and do we need to accommodate that?’ Probably not,” said Brian Wimer, the Belmont filmmaker who created the contest.
Sorry, but as long as there's coal in West Virginia, there will be coal trains going through Charlottesville to Hampton Roads.
Off to Europe and the rest of the world.
You'll be admiring the view of coal cars while you wait at the crossing.
And empty coal cars headed back to the coalfields.
Is that the view you want?

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Bob K. said...

...and the train rolls through Charlottesville at Ten Miles per Hour! No train horn is allowed and if a UVA student (they don't look before they cross the street) walks out in front, everything stops.