Saturday, February 25, 2012

Denial deniers denied

The debate over global warming changes as fast as the weather.
The latest?
Documents from a group supporting climate skeptics - Heartland Institute - were published. The global warming supporters claimed the conspiracy talk was right, that skeptics worked together to push their agenda.
Except a key document was a fake. It was created on the west coast while Heartland is in the Central Time Zone.
Sure these global warming scientists say they are smart. They just don't understand technology - or the blogosphere.
The final analysis?
I’ll add that Walter Russell Mead has been arguing for a long time now that the environmental movement as a whole is the most incompetently led social movement ever.  I’d put it shorter and simpler: what a bunch of losers.  Only problem is, even losers can drag the rest of us down, if they gather and keep enough power.  $6 gasoline anyone?

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Tom Harris said...

You might enjoy the climate realist hearing held before the Canadian Senate - see:

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