Sunday, December 4, 2011

Occupy the homeless

Why has the #Occupy movement lost its sizzle?
I checked out Charlottesville's Hook, which profiled eight members of Occupy Charlottesville for the latest edition.
Two people are under 30, the idealistic people the movement would like you to think sparked it all.
There's one guy, age 58, who's been protesting for years.
The others - middle-age homeless people, joining the action.
If #Occupy is mostly young people, then it's got sizzle.
If it's more homeless people, that's a problem we've been dealing with for years.
Nothing exciting for news value, just a repackaging of an old problem.
Occupy Charlottesville has been getting some coverage, thanks to being right near the TV station. We'll see what happens when Lee Park can't be the base.

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