Monday, December 19, 2011

Expectations for Virginia Democrats - you're going to lose

Blue Virginia has been thinking about 2013 lately.
Poor Democrats. Being on the losing side isn't much fun. Pining for the glory days of the past won't bring help for the future.
On the Republican side, it looks like there will be a barnburner between Ken Cuccinelli and Bill Bolling. Cuccinelli's decision to run for governor has brought forth candidates looking to move up into his job.
Gains in seats in both the House of Delegates and Senate continue to give Republicans power and a larger pool of candidates for higher office in the future.
The best hope for Democrats? A Republican slipup or overreach.
What are the chances of that?
If Cuccinelli's first two years haven't changed minds of voters, then not much will.
Sorry, guys.
Democrats better get used to slim pickings come election time. Their power base in Northern Virginia, and it will diminish as Washington's money power dims in future years. When there's less money to spread around, there's less power for those politicians.
The Republican wave has been building in Virginia for years, and thus the future is brighter.
How long will it take Democrats to realize they are doomed?

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